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Thanks for coming.

This is the Lazy 8 website.

Lazy 8 has been a band for about 2 years. We've been playing live since February 2002. Ms. Sam (singer) met Tim (bass) when she failed to get into his last band. Darren is our drummer now that we have our guitarist, Art who found us at The Empress Hotel. We all bonded over movies, music and food.

Lazy 8 is Garage Pop.



Lazy 8 just had a great Friday evening gig underground at Sticky zine store in the Flinders St Station underpass. We played inside the shop while the punters stood outside in the arcade. It was like a fishbowl and we had to break the fourth wall by jumping up on the PA and breaking bottles, all in the name of rock!

New Gigs ...


Wednesday 2nd - The Duke of Windsor, 10.00pm. $5.

We're supporting Ali Motu. Dunno much about them but this little bit of St Kilda in Chapel St rocks coz we can play LOUD! And that's good.

Sunday 13th - The Tote. $5.

You gotta come to this one coz we're supporting The Re-Mains, the coolest-arse sweaty, hairy country rock band in Australia. On Mick Thomas' label, Croxton Records, and coming to the home of Melbourne rock, The Tote. Also on the bill is the fine W. Minc artiste Marcel Borack. Sunday is the new Saturday and this is going to be a great night folks.

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